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The skilled sex crimes attorneys at Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC have also been able to negotiate plea agreements with prosecuting attorney which allow their clients to avoid sex offender registration.College Police has established relationships with neighboring businesses and works closely with the Phoenix Police Department to ensure campus safety.In Arizona, and especially in the Phoenix metropolitan area, law enforcement agencies are investing a lot of resources in the investigation and prosecution of sex crimes.For example, several police departments and sheriff’s offices in the area have formed the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (“ICAC”) task force: Or the image may be located on an area of a hard drive or memory storage which is inaccessible to the user.Finally, in an age where individuals often allow others to share their phone, online account, or computer, the State may not be able to prove that a specific individual (the one accused of the crime) knowingly downloaded, viewed, or possessed the image in question.

Sexual assault, sexual conduct with a minor, indecent exposure, and public sexual indecency can all involve real life victims, and many criminal defense attorneys lack the experience to cross-examine sex crimes victims or are uncomfortable doing so.

And, unfortunately, for the vast majority of offenders, the Arizona legislature and the Courts consider sex offender registration a lifetime requirement that cannot be terminated. For certain crimes (e.g., sexual assault, molestation of a child, sexual conduct with a minor, child prostitution, luring a minor for sexual exploitation, and sexual exploitation of a minor which is possession of child pornography) sex offender registration is a requirement after a conviction.

This is why you need a skilled, experienced, and aggressive criminal defense attorney if you are facing prosecution for a sex crime. There are also some crimes for which sex offender registration is a requirement for if the individual has multiple prior convictions for the same offense (e.g., indecent exposure or public sexual indecency).

If so, much or all of the government’s evidence against them may be suppressed or otherwise unusable.

Possessing child pornography is a serious crime and is actually called sexual exploitation of a minor by Arizona’s criminal code.

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